About Coblet

Inspired by our passion for Coblets and Cobs, their kind inherent qualities, confidence building characters, willingness to learn and their ability to succeed in any discipline, we wanted to offer a range of equestrian clothing for coblet and cob lovers, and so Coblet was founded.

We will be progressively offering a range of equestrian clothing, including an eco friendly luxurious range, whether it’s simply for wearing around the yard, schooling, hacking or general casual day to day wear, providing practical, stylish comfortable Equestrian clothing for all seasons.

As owners of cobs for many years, their appealing qualities are their kind nature, gentleness and their ability to turn their hands to anything! All sizes from small Coblets to Maxi Cobs, each have their own defining characteristics, distinctive markings, feathers, manes and moustaches.

Here are a few of the beautiful cobs that have inspired us to create Coblet:

Our design for Coblet originated from a having a coloured pencil portrait of one our Coblets by the artist Rachel Clara Stubbs, The pencil portrait and the original are shown side by side below.

The logo stemmed from one of our photogenic little Coblets pictured below in black & white. The design has evolved into our brand logo that we have today encompassing the Coblets Moustache in the logo.

Coblet pencil portrait
Original Cob

With so many like minded Cob lovers, we wanted to offer a range of clothing that all Cob & Coblet lovers can wear to represent these wonderful horses that we enjoy so much…

We would like to dedicate Coblet in honour of all those beautiful Cobs & Coblets that put smiles on our faces  each day.